Are you building your dream home from scratch, or extending? Perhaps it’s time to re-roof and you want it to perfectly complement your existing home style. From its function to protect against the elements to taking centre stage as a home’s defining feature, the roof is an opportunity to top off your most important asset.

Planning its design and look however can sometimes take a back seat when there are so many things to think about during building or renovating. That’s why we’ve put this website together, to introduce some basic information and take the guess work out of making decisions about your roof.

The location and aspect of your home will determine how important it is to keep out the harsh sun, or conversely the sound of the driving rain. And of increasing importance are sustainable building practices and solar design considerations.

The roof is usually the single largest surface area of a house, so it deserves careful thought to ensure the material selected provides the best performance and visual effect for your home.

Of course with more than 80 years combined experience when it comes to roofing at Jaguar, we’re talking about tiles. As architectural styles and materials come and go, the roof tile has endured the test of time and we believe best reflects the integrity of a home.

Jaguar has access to an extensive range of terracotta and concrete roof tiles guaranteed to last from Boral Roof tiles. The tiles are manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions and we offer roofing solutions to suit almost any style of home.

So whether building a new home, extending or re-roofing, check out this website and choose with confidence the roof that’s right for you.